The PerfectSit Experience

The PerfectSit® introducing...

The PerfectSit & Short Micro Breaks Can Improve Your Posture & Health!

  • Increase lung capacity and intake of fresh oxygen intake by as much as 30%.
  • Lessen stress on your spine
  • Alleviate Shoulder, Neck, Back Pain & Headaches caused by slouching
  • Improve the way you carry yourself
  • Sitting upright with broad shoulders and open chest allows you to breathe easier and also increases good hormone levels making you feel more empowered which further decreases stress.
  • Decrease your waist circumference
  • Be more productive
  • Reduce your Cortisol (stress hormone) levels
  • Increases alertness & decreases fatigue
  • Help your digestion system
  • Activate your core abdominal muscles easily each day
The Perfect Sit - Black with foam pads

Patented One-Piece Lumbar Support and Coccyx Relief System

Three years of engineering, design and testing have created a very unique structural geometry that addresses both the s-curve support for the lumbar portion of the spine while sitting, combined with a complete length, imbedded split seat technology feature for less stress & impedance on the coccyx (tailbone).

This portable, light (less than 1lb) integral support device can be used on practically any office chair, couch, car or stadium bleacher. The PerfectSit® team has also engineered a very robust “flex support system” feature in this unit so it’s resilient as a standalone seat without any peripheral support needed. This feature makes it perfect for use on your carpet, on grass, sand or even on a yoga mat.